Creating AP groups in NCC so groups can have different settings?

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I'd like to be able to control groups of APs so they have different SSIDs and or different bands enable, sometimes just 2.4 and other times just 5.0 or 6.0.  I see the new beta feature that allows aps with certain tags use SSIDs associated with those tags but can you then have two or three entries for the same SSID, one for 2.4, another for 5.0 and then again for 6.0 you jave the 6E APs.   I don't even see a way to configure each AP individually in NCC.  Can you assign multiple tags to an AP?  Just tested and I was able to add at least 4 tags to an AP.

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    Hi @vining,

    You could assign many tags to your APs. I'm able to add 10 tags for one AP.

    And then setup each SSID to provide only 2.4, 5.0, or 6.0 GHz band mode and assign many tagging to the SSID.

    To choose the Band mode, please click the edit button to configure the SSID advanced settings.
    Go to Advanced settings > Band mode to select the specific band you wanted.

    Hope it helps.

    Zyxel Melen

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    I figured this out last night but using this method could I have one ssid but on some APs use all bands while on others using just one?  Could I have say two entries for ssid-1 and then choose different tags for each entry so some APs use different radios or will it throw an error if I have two entries of the same name defined?  

    I only have a deployed system to test on and on this I do have an ssid named Temp and I was able to create a 2nd named Temp but was afraid of saving so if you have a bench system to test on that would be helpful.  I then deleted the 2nd Temp which actually deleted both Temp entries so I'm thinking this could screw up the running program.
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    Hi @vining  

    When you add a new SSID on NCC, it will be applied to all APs on the Site, so all APs have same SSID with the same configuration (Security method, Band,..). 

    In the case that you want to have only one SSID on all APs but different bands, we advise that you should add a new SSID with same name but adding remark, for example: 

    1. SSID named Temp tagged AP 1 and AP 2 supported both 2.4 and 5Ghz 

    2. SSID named Temp 5G tagged AP 3 supported only 5Ghz 

    In order to support you better, could you please provide us more information of your scenario that you would like to configure only one SSID on all APs but different bands? 

    If you want to create the same Temp SSID, it would be possible, and would not affect to the first Temp SSID when you delete the second one.  

    Best Regards, 


    Zyxel Nami

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