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Hello, so my first visit here. I have a question about SSL VPN. A customer from me, needs to access an internal website from everywhere. (mobile devices etc etc.) We always use Secuextender, but this is not available for mobile devices. So i have read the manual, and i see it's also posible to create an ssl connection, by logging in to the USG flex 500.
so far so good, but then it guides me to 
CONFIGURATION > VPN > SSL VPN > Access Privilege > Access Policy > Create new Object > Application

this part is missing in my usg flex. Has this something to do with licenses (if yes, which license do i need?) or is it something else.

the goal is, to first setup ssl vpn, and after that, connect to the internal website.

an other small question, it's also posible to secure the ssl vpn with mfa, i configured it, but its not working at the moment, has this also to do with licenses?

(we just have the basic license)

I hope to hear from you. 

yours dennis

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    Hi @Dpj
    Greeting Forum. For firewall, no additional sslvpn license need. 
    Also SSLVPN not support mobile device. Please kindly use L2TP/ikev2 for mobile device. 

    Please kindly refer the link to guide how to implement MFA. Please note "For SSLVPN or L2TP VPN, user have to enter correct URL on browser manually. (e.g: https://YourDeviceIP:8080)
    Thank you

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