IP static reservation on DHCP client

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User @vining proposes that IP static reservation on DHCP client in NCC. 

If anyone likes this idea, please feel free to leave a comment or click vote.

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    This should be allowed in the Client view. Right now for SCR50AXE as the router, it only lets you use the drop down menu to reserve the IP if it's directly connected to the router, but if there is a switch in between that is Nebula managed, it does not allow for reservation. But if you put a 3rd party or unmanaged switch in between, then it does allow to reserve. We need both and any firewall to have ability to reserve through the client view, and manually assigned and can be edited in that reserve window.

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    Hi @ZyxelTri

    Thank you for your feedback.
    Clients under the Nebula management switch can reserve an IP address from the client page on SCR device.

    If you still have the issue, to check the issue, please turn on support requests.
    Here's a guide on how to turn on support requests on Nebula.

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