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Hi all this has been asked before but I am really struggling to get my new AP to go online.
I am registered with Nebula and all details for AP are entered on App and online to match.
I get the usual Green/Amber slow flash and then my internet connection is blocked and no other devices can get on line? Why is it blocking my on line connection?

I am sure my router is not issuing an IP address for some reason? 

I can log into my Huawei Router whilst in this condition but cannot see the ZYXEL AP at all.
Just about ready for sending it back.  
My local IP address is in the region of 196.168.9 .100
Hope someone can point me in the right direction in fairly basic jargon. Thanks 

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    Hi @dogleg


    The AP's LED status showing slow blinking between amber and green indicates that the AP is attempting to connect to the NCC. There are several reasons that may cause this issue, such as the AP not obtaining an IP address, DNS unable to resolve d.nebula.zyxel.com, or the device being unable to reach TCP ports 4335/6667.  

    For further information on possible reasons for a Nebula device being offline, please refer to this article:  
    Nebula device offline possible reasons — Zyxel Community 


    In the other hand, to fully understand your issue, we would also like you to provide us the following information: 

    1. Your NWA50AX firmware version and network topology. 

    2. The method in which you are powering your AP - via power adapter or PoE? 

    3. Any VLAN settings that may be present between your router and AP. If there are any, please make sure that the appropriate VLAN traffic is being allowed. 




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