Zyxel ax7501-b0 guest wifi problem


I have this Router Model from Yallo.
It works almost all ok, but I'm struggling to use the home guest network on 2.4 GHz for some older devices (set on the "More AP/Guest" wireless option).
For some integration I need to use it to add devices using my phone (Iphone 12 pro). but when using this phone model on the created guest 2.4G wifi I cannot have the internet connection. but if I use the older Iphone 7 it works.. but I need it also with the 12 pro. unfortunately I cannot find any wifi settings on the phone to make it work.

as for the router guest wifi settings "More AP Edit" I set security the WPA2-PSK with password and in "Wireless Network Settings" I tried with and without "Guest WLAN" option (which is very confusing to have it a second option with again "external" and "home guest").
in Other Wireless settings set 
the 802.11 mode to b/g/n (the older device cannot work with b/g/n/a).
how said most of these settings works (internet connection) anyway with the Iphone 7 but none with the 12.
tried multiple time also to restart the modem but not success.

can someone explain me the problem and limitations of these different settings and  maybe a solution?


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