NWA220AX-6E. hidden networks

Hi, I use 2 NWA220AX-6E. These Access Points provide an SSID. 

When I analyze the spectrum with WiFi Explorer Pro, I see a number of parallel hidden networks that have a striking similarity within the MAC addresses.

It is impossible that they are other access points.
I would like to know what sense it makes to provide these additional hidden networks and how I can stop it.

Best regards, Marko

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  • Zyxel_Judy
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    Hi @MaDa99,


    There are two NWA220AX-6E at two sites. Each SSID is broadcasted at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, so you can see there are four SSID named as ZyX with the different MAC.

    About the Hidden Network, they are broadcasted from the other APs with the MAC is different to Zxyel AP as 78:C5:7D:xx:xx:xx. You also can confirm that by taking a look at Vendor column.

    FYI: Wifi scanner tool can scan all SSID in your environment, not only the SSID from your network.

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  • MaDa99
    Hi Judy, your analysis is wrong. Jay told me that the enabled smart mesh is the reason. I disabled it and the hidden networks are gone.

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