MTU on IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel [XMG3927-B50A]


After enabling '6RD', i.e. an IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel, basic IPv6 connectivity works, but I'm experiencing significant timeouts with a subset of sites. This is perhaps best illustrated by a large number of failures in the 'Other IPv6 Sites' tab on

I initially suspected a problem with Path MTU Discovery, but I've confirmed that is working as intended, e.g. using

Varying the MTU manually, I discovered that the problem appears to be with the tunnel MTU setting. I have an MTU on my IPv4 ISP connection of 1500; the tunnel appears to default to an MTU of 1480. If I lower the MTU to 1412, everything works perfectly - no problems browsing sites and no test failures anywhere.

I think an MTU setting is needed in the 6RD section of the connection settings - unfortunately I don't have the luxury of being able to set it manually on all my networked devices (nor would it be particularly efficient).


Model: XMG3927-B50A
Firmware: V5.17(ABMT.6)C0

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    Based on your description, it seems that you need to ask assistance from your ISP.

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