dnsmasq 'local' domain configuration [XMG3927-B50A]


If there is a plan to release a firmware update for the XMG3927-B50A at some point in the future (please do :) ), could I request the addition of the 'local' config option to dnsmasq?

This should inform dnsmasq that the domain set in 'Maintenance > System' is local and it may answer queries from the hosts file or DHCP, but should never forward queries on that domain to any upstream servers.

For example, if I use 'home' as my domain, in addition to specifying:
in the dnsmasq config, one would also specify:


Model: XMG3927-B50A
Firmware: V5.17(ABMT.6)C0

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    I thought maybe you could request this from your ISP or retailer.

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