IPv6 - router advertisement frequency [XMG3927-B50A]


Anecdotally, enabling IPv6 impairs the battery life of phones/tablets on my network.

After analysing traffic on the network, I note that router advertisements are sent every 10 seconds by the XMG3927. The default for radvd is between 200 and 600 seconds. Best practice suggested by RFC 7772 for networks with phones/tablets is c. 7 per hour.

I'd like to request any firmware update revert to the default interval in radvd.


p.s. It would be ideal if you could upgrade radvd (to a version greater than v2.19) so we might also benefit from unicast router advertisement responses to router solicitations (enabled by default), as recommended by RFC 7772.

Model: XMG3927-B50A
Firmware: V5.17(ABMT.6)C0

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