Nebula Cloud - License update or replacement from PLUS to PRO

Dear all,
Is there a way to update license for device which was already assigned with one previously?
In my case I do have a switch, managed by Nebula Cloud. Initially we have assigned PLUS license to this switch, however later on we purchased PRO license which we added to Nebula Cloud, however even when we try to assign this license to the same switch it is seen as Inactive and still PLUS license is used by the switch.
Because PLUS license is active than whole Nebula Cloud platform is also locked to PLUS license features.
It can't be upgraded to PRO until there is a device with active PRO license in place. Which we do have, however can't move it to activate state on the switch (I tried, factory reset etc..but whenever switch is added back to Nebula it always get PLUS license back instead of PRO one).
Haven't found a way how this can be done to simply replace device with existing license by a new higher tier license.

Any recommendation? Hope this is not by design that license cannot be updated/changed in Nebula.

Thank you

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