How to change location address of Access Points

I bought 2 x Access Points last year. When I set them up and tried to register them it would appear they had been registered somewhere else (I'm guessing someone set up and then returned them or similar). Anyway, bottom line is that whenever I log onto to anywhere it always says this came from IP address XXXX in Marlow, Bucks, UK when actually I live a good 30 miles away and would like to update the info - where do I do that? I tried ringing Zyxel Customer Service but was directed here! the Any help greatly appreciated.

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    The initial AP address was judged by your ISP. You can change the device location by two methods.

    1.    Going to Access point > Monitor > Access points > Choose AP > Map, then move the AP icon to the new location. There is an announcement as “Device location updated” after you finish moving AP icon.

    2.    Going to Access point > Monitor > Access points > Choose AP > Edit Configuration > Change Address > Save


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