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I have 2 access points and one keeps showing an orange alert. When I click on it and go to Access point/Monitor/Access point under Link: there is the following 'Uplink: 100M/Full'. If I hovver on the Orange warning triangle it says 'Uplink currently operates at a lower speed 100 Mbps'. When I look at the other Access point it is green and says 'Uplink: 1000M/Full'. ie 1000 not 100. I cannot see anywhere where I can change the setting from 100M to 1000M. FYI I have Swish Full Fibre with Download and Upload speeds of 500Mbps. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Maybe a bad cable?
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    Hi @Mark_Sheephouse_37,


    There is no configuration to change the setting from 100M to 1000M. The uplink alert based on the current uplink status.

    Recommend you changing a cable/ the port that problematic AP connected to check whether the issue solved.

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