VMG4381-B10A dropping internet connection

I have the exact same problem with the VMG4381-B10A
Cincinnati Bell now called (Altafiber) gave me. They have been here to check it 5 times they said everything looks fine but it keeps dropping internet connection from up to 2-3 mins at a time on both LAN and wifi. They have replaced the rounter multiple times nothing works.

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    Hello @punchmonkey

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    Are you able to say what software version your router is on?

    Also, do you have access to the logs of the router to show what is there about the drops?

    If swapping the router hasn't helped, then unless it is a configuration issue, then it makes me think there is an issue somewhere.
         and the logs and software version might help know where next to look.

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    I'm thrilled because of how much this knowledge helps me

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