Gold Security Pack listed as Queued and Nebula downgraded to Base because of it.

We have a USG Flex 200 that was utilizing the 30 day trial of the Gold Security pack which was set to expire soon.  So we purchased a 1 year renewal of the Gold Security Pack off the Marketplace.

In the licensing it shows as Queued with 366 days renaming.   The 30 day trials show as expired.

All other devices are licensed with the Pro Pack or a bundle that contains the Pro Pack.

There are no options to enable the license (with its included Pro Pack) and because this one license is not activated my entire organization has been downgraded to the base package.

We are no longer able to access support to file a ticket because its downgraded to Basic.  I'd call support but it's after hours.

I've tried clicking around on features that require the Pro/UTM or Gold security pack and selecting the upgrade button.  When doing so it just takes me to the license screen but does nothing to resolve the issue.

Anyone know of a way to get the system to recognize a purchased Gold Pack license and it's associated Pro Pack.  And then to upgrade the organization back to Pro?

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    Dear @JosephS, 


    Good day.

    In gerneral, the organization will upgrade to Pro Pack automatically if there are at least one Nebula Pro Pack license on all Nebula devices in the same organization after the trial expires.


    Have you tried to check if there is a upgrade button in page below?

    Organization-wide > License & Inventory


    If you have already checked that all devices are licensed but the org didn't upgrade automatically or there is no upgrade button such like the picture above. Please share the name of your org and we also need you to approve us accessing to your org to help you to clarify the problem directly. 

    Please follow the steps below:

    Access Help Center > Support Request > Zyxel support access to enable and save. 




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    Thanks for the reply Ivan,

    It is resolved for now but the series of events appears to indicate there may be a bug that needs fixed. Though I doubt that this series of events would be likely to happen to anyone else.

    First it should be noted that this is a network lab and so things get modified and moved around a lot.

    1. We purchased the device and started the 30 day trial.
    2. Near the end of the 30 day trial we purchased the Gold Security Pack but it was set to defered until the trial ended. (As expected)
    3. On the last day of the trial a header warning appeared in Nebula informing us that one device no longer had a Pro Pack and we were being placed on a 15 day grade period. If we failed to purchase a pro pack for that device in the 15 days the entire organization would be downgraded to a Base License. This was expected and the Gold Pack would take over on the next day when it was activated so we did not think anything of it.
    4. On Later on that same day we moved a switch from one site to another.
    5. After moving the switch the 15 day grace period header disappeared and a new header appeared in Nebula stating we were downgraded to a Base license. We also received an email stating the same.

    What I believe happened was moving the switch triggered a re-evaluation of the Pro Licensing. This would be expected behavior. After all, not just the switch was being moved but also, it's associated Pro Licensing.

    I believe the algorythim for this re-evaluation may be set to only validate all devices have an active pro licenses and may fail to take into consideration if either; A, The organization is within the 15 day grace period or B, if another defered license is available to take over for the devices pro license.

    We were not presented with a button to upgrade the organization nor an option to manually enable the Gold Security Pack.

    After realizing this is likely what was happening we took a wait and see approach. We found that on the next day, as soon as the Gold Security Pack automatically enabled itself, we were able to upgrade the organization back to pro.

    In a lab environment this type of thing is perfectly fine. But in production this could potentially disaterous.

    This caused some of the security features for the organization to be disabled even though the entire organization was properly licensed.

    I imagine that would be an unacceptable liability for ZyXEL and I'd highly suggest fixing it. Odds are it's a quick fix to add a check to the evaluation that keeps it from downgrading if the organization is within the grace period. That's likely how it's intended to operate.

    Have a great week!


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    Dear @JosephS,


    Thanks for your detailed feedback!

    We will have our engineer reproduce this issue.





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