[Week 1] ZCSA: Let our core value grow your business

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Have you ever been wondered?


How can Zyxel help your business grow?

What’s Zyxel’s role in SMB Networking Industry?

How many awards did Zyxel get through the past 30 years?

What products and services does Zyxel offer to customers?

Which verticals does Zyxel focus to provide adaptive solutions to?

Are there any success cases from Zyxel worldwide?


In ZCSA, through a 45-minutes courses, it will be able to answer all questions above!


In the course, we will first introduce our business scale and achievements. Through learning these information, you will understand the reliability and capability of Zyxel, that has been accumulating for over 30 years.


We will highlight our comprehensive products, services and solutions, including how “Zyxel ONE network” can offer a unified user experience across Wireless, Ethernet Switch and Security Firewall. Fulfilling both on cloud and on-premises management requirements in SMB networking industry.


Last but not least, we’ll share success cases across our four major verticals. So you will not only witness how our adaptive solutions help business grow in these industries, but also see how Zyxel stays close with customers and plays a key role on their way to growth and prosperity.


Start learning ZCSA, come and open the treasure chest to enrich your networking game strategy!


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