New Giveaway: Join and become the winner in this networking game

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Do you want to empower your networking skills before joining in the industry?
Do you want to find the suitable program from 40+ free topics on the center?
Do you want to find the best order to learn all above topics?
Do you want to get certificates that improve your career development?

Through a five-week journey, let us go deep in these selected courses. After completing these courses that cover switch, wireless, security and even the cloud management, you will be well equipped with knowledge to win this networking game. Now, prepare yourself, act, and win this game. There will be prize for winners!

Selected Course Tutorial and Learning Schedules  

Every week, we will pick one program and highlight its objects and popular technique in its networking field. We will also explain the related questions that are commonly asked in daily life usage. Therefore, no matter if you are using Zyxel product or not, you can build up the solid fundamental knowledge in each field, and further develop in learning more advanced techniques. By completing these courses, you not only can understand how these networking devices deliver efficiency, convenience, and security to their users, but also select the appropriate Zyxel products to fulfill different requirements and set them up successfully.

Below are learning programs we’ve selected for you in the next five weeks. The detail event article will open in the beginning of every week. Please get back to this post and follow up for any update!

Week1 (02/23-03/01)

Week2 (03/02-03/08)

Week3 (03/09-03/15)

Week4 (03/16-03/22)

Week5 (03/22-03/29)

Zyxel Community for More Sharing and Discussion

As you are moving forward in your learning journey, you are always welcomed to visit our Zyxel Community, ask questions and discuss with other community members. There are many well experienced members having several years of experience in networking industry. You can also get direct replies from Zyxel engineers! All of us are all willing to help each other and join in the discussion. Here you can not only find the answer to the material and general networking techniques, but also see how they are applied in the real life and make people’s life better. Come visit our community, grow with other members through many discussion and interactions.

Prize for the Game Winner – Key to be the PRO

On April 14th, we’ll assign a €299 course coupon for those who completes the certificate of all five programs. That those winners can pick up one of our Engineer level ZCNE Lv1 courses for free. These Engineer level courses are originally internal training material, and completely introduce all commonly used functions as well as the application scenario and configuration suggestion. Through these programs, you can realize how the enterprise-grade produces fulfill customer’s requirements for different scenario and application, and even customize the product setting on the products to achieve all these requirements, become a PRO in this industry!

Go and join these events now, and traverse the path to becoming the king in our game!

Note: This event follow the T&Cs of Zyxel.