[Week 3] ZCNA WLAN: Blanket your premises with strong WiFi

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As a WiFi user, have you ever suffered from the following issues?

  • Annoyed by intermittent video streaming due to unreliable wireless signals.
  • WiFi network is not accessible, or even worse, you can’t even find the network at all.
  • Difficulty finding the product that best suits your scenarios, all while feeling lost among different prices and specifications.

As a WiFi network manager, have you ever thought of these questions?

  • How does the latest WiFi standard improve transmission speed and reliability?
  • How to deploy your access points to reduce interference for best connection quality?
  • How to optimize WiFi settings to improve user experience and increase performance?

In ZCNA-WLAN, throughout the 110-minute courses, you will be able to answer all the above questions singlehandedly and master all different kinds of Wireless LAN application scenarios!

In the course, we will first introduce Zyxel WLAN product portfolio, explaining product specifications and application scenarios so that you will be able to select the one that best fits your requirements.

Next, we will further explain “Radio”, “Antenna”, and “WiFi standard” so that you will understand not only how data is transmitted through the air, but also the purposes and benefits of different transmission techniques. After completing this program, you will be able to figure out what’s dragging down your WiFi performance and swiftly solve their issues. We will share hands-on tips regarding different approaches to manage your Zyxel access points in different deployments including standalone mode, controller mode, and through Zyxel cloud platform - Nebula Control Center. Join us and learn these approaches and their benefits, you will soon find the optimal way to manage your network.

Lastly, we offer two additional topics to help you improve your wireless performance: “Deployment” and “Prioritize 5GHz Radio”. In the “deployment” topic, we offer several approaches and rule-of-thumbs to help user deploy their access points appropriately, avoiding interference, and ensuring the best wireless transmission quality. For “Prioritize 5GHz Radio”, we will walk you through how to steer wireless clients to use 5GHz band via setting changes. As 5GHz is a much less crowded band compared with 2.4GHz, each user can now enjoy fast and stable wireless connections!

Start learning ZCNA-WLAN, come and open the treasure chest to enrich your networking game strategy!


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