[Week 2] ZCNA Switch: Know how data flows throughout the core network

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As an IT engineer, have you suffered these below?

  • Network failures caused by inexperienced users who connects the cable wrong.
  • Complicated cabling tasks to provide electricity to multiple network devices.
  • Network performance dragged down because someone is occupying a huge bandwidth.

Meanwhile, have you ever thought of these questions?

  • How to distribute network access to hundreds of devices in one office?
  • How to separate network for different departments and enhance the network security?
  • How to aggregate multiple switches, and improve the bandwidth in the core network?

In ZCNA-Switch, through the 100-minutes courses, you will be able to answer all these questions above singlehandedly, all while dealing with different Ethernet switch application scenarios!

In the course, we will first introduce Zyxel switch product portfolio for you to understand our great switching features across ten different series so that you will be able to select the one that fits your requirements best. You will also learn how to deploy it successfully with a smooth initial setup tutorial. What’s even better, key switch functions such as “Power over Ethernet” and “VLAN” will also be addressed in this session.

We will not only walk you through how their mechanism works but also further demonstrate how to setup these functions in real life scenarios. You will be able to configure those useful functions singlehandedly like a pro, with abundant knowledge both theoretically and practically. To further cover other network management requirements, we will also touch on functions like “Link Aggregation”, “Bandwidth Management”, “Spanning Tree”, and “Loop Protection” for you to be able to control your network at a larger scale with more delicacy, meanwhile increase the dependability of your network, and reduce potential service impacts caused by any incidents.

We will also share hands-on tips regarding different approaches to managing your Zyxel switches, including how to configure directly through the web GUI and how to use our dedicated “ZON utility” to quickly upgrade firmware and complete IP configuration. Finally, you can also manage your switches through Zyxel cloud platform - Nebula Control Center. Join us and learn these approaches and their benefits, you will soon find the optimal way to manage your network and become a smart network administrator.

Start learning ZCNA-Switch, come and open the treasure chest to enrich your networking game strategy!


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