[Week 4] ZCNA Security: Reach out the internet safe and secure

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“In 93 percent of cases, an external attacker can breach an organization's network perimeter and gain access to local network resources”, a new study of pen testing projects from Positive Technologies found . It is more imperative than ever for each business network to adopt security firewalls to monitor company network and defend cyber-attacks that grow more and more sophisticated every second.

Facing severe security challenges in managing your network, have you been bugged by some questions like the below?

  • Firewalls come in different specifications and capabilities, which one should I use?
  • How to compartmentalize the network between different departments, and have a more subtle control over all access?
  • How do firewalls defend external attacks and contain the infected devices inside the office?
  • How to establish a secure connection to let remote worker access data inside office network?

In ZCNA-Security, through the 120-minutes course, you will be able to answer all these questions above singlehandedly, while dealing with different security application scenarios!

In the course, we will first introduce Zyxel firewall product portfolio and elaborate multiple application scenarios with key differences among “VPN”, “USG FLEX”, and “ATP” series. So that you will be able to select the one that fits your requirements best. Besides, we will introduce how to use our centralized portal “Myzyxel.com”, where the network administrator can manage all licenses across multiple firewalls via this single platform. Monitoring all license status and renewing license for all firewalls has been made easier than ever for you.

This course will also demonstrate how to setup firewall interfaces through practical cases. Administrators who go through our program will be able to establish dedicated networks for different departments and customize DHCP, DNS, and other detailed settings for each subnet. Furthermore, we will walk you through all “Security Policy” topics for you to control the access across different networks, easily fulfilling compartmentalization requirements such as “Only sales department can check sales statistics inside the database”.

We understand your enterprise network also need to fully support rapidly growing demand with huge amount of remote access requirements during and after the pandemic, that’s why we will educate our attendees about “NAT” and “VPN” with step by step configuration guides so your network administrator will be able to keep your business up and running with lots of workers physically not in the office. More importantly, we will also explain how firewalls protect your network in the “Security Services” session. You will be amazed by our elaborate introductions of key security services like “Anti-Malware”, “IP Reputation”, “Sandboxing” …etc. Come and see how firewalls swiftly detect and intercept malicious traffic and keep your business network safe and sound.

Last but not the least, as you may also consider to adopt the more and more demanded cloud technology for easy remote manageability, we will show you how you can in fact manage all your firewalls through Zyxel cloud platform - Nebula Control Center, whether you are in office or not. You need to know the two important and useful services: “Smart VPN” and “Collaborative Detection and Response”. Join us and learn these approaches! You will soon find your optimal way to manage your networks and enjoy all the time-saving and cost-efficiency benefits!

Start learning ZCNA-Security, come and open the treasure chest to enrich your networking game strategy!


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