Using my modem/routeur VMG3625-T50B as a repeater

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I'm connected to the internet in my entrance room with a modem/routeur Zyxel DX3301-T0.

I have a switch in my office that is too far away from the entrance to be connected via ethernet plug.

I have a modem/routeur Zyxel VMG3625-T50B that I want to use as a repeater, connected to the switch via ethernet, that should be able to connect to the entrance modem/routeur via WIFI to give internet access to the machines connected to the office switch.

The model has a repeater function, however when I set it up, I cant find the way to connect it to the existing WIFI.

How should I proceed?


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    Hi there

    In my understanding, if you set the device to be a repeater, you need to setup the WIFI connection by pressing the WPS on both devices and make sure these two devices connected successfully via WIFI.

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