Migration Tool/Converter local Firewall to Nebula

A Converter / Migration Tool would be needed to migrate a local Firewall to Nebula. It is hard to believe that it is not possible to develope a migration tool for this purpose - seeing other conversion tools created on the fly when needed … one of the first KB articles on zyxel about this topic was in 2018…

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  • I totally agree with this, an automated way to get a configuration to Nebula is a "must have."
    There is a tool for converting the configuration from e.g a USG60 to a FLEX200, but only for stand-alone mode. So either a tool for getting the config to Nebula directly, or at least an option to uload config to stand-alone mode and THEN convert to Nebula, without it erasing the configuration.
    That will make it a lot easier to sell new hardware with Nebula to customers running old ZyXEL network equipment.

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