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A Converter / Migration Tool would be needed to migrate a local Firewall to Nebula. It is hard to believe that it is not possible to develope a migration tool for this purpose - seeing other conversion tools created on the fly when needed … one of the first KB articles on zyxel about this topic was in 2018…

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  • ZyXTechOslo

    I totally agree with this, an automated way to get a configuration to Nebula is a "must have."
    There is a tool for converting the configuration from e.g a USG60 to a FLEX200, but only for stand-alone mode. So either a tool for getting the config to Nebula directly, or at least an option to uload config to stand-alone mode and THEN convert to Nebula, without it erasing the configuration.
    That will make it a lot easier to sell new hardware with Nebula to customers running old ZyXEL network equipment.

  • FelixSchneider
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    I don't think that is possible, Nebula is lacking so many features compared to on premise it's mind boggling...

    e.g. Firewall rules being fully under your control (I hate the default allow ones) also "wan" isn't really considered only "any", you can get around some thinks but it looks awful and cluttered.

    or Limitations with BWM and VPN connections... You can't police VPN to wan bandwidth. (Maybe someone can help but i don't see a solution)

    But maybe if sometime all! standalone features are here for Nebula this config translation will be possible...

    Great idea, also consider the other way around...

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