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I juat want to know that when I am using Nebula to configure a firewall and We need to get some ports open for internal services, but cannot get any of them to work. I have tried with Any in the Public IP, the external IP address, but cannot get it to work.

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    Hi @Russelljacobson,

    Here is the configuration guide of vitrual server for your reference.

    [ATP/FLEX] How to set up Virtual Server on Nebula

    If your ATP/USG FLEX is placed behind another router/firewall, you also need to allow corresponding service/port on that router/firewall.

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    @Russelljacobson If your Wan connection has multiple static IP's you need to specify the IP in the NAT rule you wish to use. For example you create an “A” record for remote.mydomain.com to point to one of your static IP addresses on port 443 the rule should look like this

    I hope this helps.

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