NR5101 5G Router / Can't register with Nebula


Just bought a NR5101 5G mobile router.

I wan't to register it with Nebula but it won't work:

  • It doesn't have any “nebula” sticket on the device
  • The manual S/N MAC id are not recognized.


On the box, there is a sitcker that says “Nebula” (but no QR Code).

This is the version with only 2 Ethernet ports.

Do you knwo if I can make it work with Nebula, and if yes how to do this ?

Thank you !

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    Hi there,

    Only Nebula supported version can be managed by Nebula, and it is labeled on the sticker with “Nebula”. You can refer to Nebula supported version sticker photo.

    Please provide the MAC address and series number via private message by clicking my account > Message. We'll help to check and register to Nebula if your device is a Nebula supported version.

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