No incoming call on my LTE5398-M904


I have a LTE5398-M904 router with VOLTE. A wired phone is connected to the RJ11.

Im able to send call using VOLTE, but im not able to receive incoming call (but SMS can be reveived on the router interface).

Is incoming call possible with LTE5398-M904 ? Does it request specific configuration of the router ?

Thanks for your help

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    Hi @Doppler78 ,

    Per my experience, VoLTE is an optional customized software feature, which function is unavailability for generic fw currently.

    Thus, it is a normal behavior that you are not able to call/receive calls with VoLTE feature.

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    Hello @Doppler78

    Welcome to the forum.

    I looked at the user guide for LTE5398-M904 that I downloaded from Zyxel's Swiss distributor at and I can see how to setup VoLTE for outgoing calls.

    However, I cannot see if incoming VoLTE calls are definitely supported, but you might need to check under Configuration→ Voice→ Voice Mode that Voice Service is set to VoLTE service.

    - That is the only VoLTE configuration setting I can see in the User Guide.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,


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