WPA Enterprise using cloud auth and EAP-TLS?

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Nebula AP with WEP Enterprise and cloud auth is currently using the insecure PEAP-MSChap2? Can it be configured with EAP-TLS?

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    Hi @HPITS ,

    Nebula cloud authentication provides a simple and easy-to-use authentication service with the authentication method as PEAP-MSChap2, which provides a certain level of security by providing encryption for user credentials during the authentication process. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have a certificate infrastructure, as it does not require client-side certificates to be installed.

    Compare to PEAP-MSChap2, EAP-TLS provides a higher level of security as it requires both the client and server to authenticate using certificates. So, if you requires a higher level of security for their network, you can configure WPA Enterprise with My RADIUS server.

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