My Zyxel NWA50AX is blinking green and not connecting to internet

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MWA50AX was working for couple of months, it has stopped working 2 weeks back and always blinking green with 1s intervel.

In NCC its showing alert of the AP.

How to fix this issue?


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    Hi @Amit


    If your AP status is amber, it means that the device is transmitting data at 100 Mbps in full duplex mode or is in a Limited Power mode. 

    You can find the reason for the alert by pointing to the Amber status icon. 

    Additionally, if the AP LED is blinking green, it could indicate that the AP's WiFi modules are disabled or have failed, or that the AP is not registered with NCC. Here is the fully description for NWA50AX LED light: 


    To help us better understand the issue you are facing, please provide the following details: 

    1. What is the Amber status description? 
    2. Is your AP powered by a power adapter or PoE? 
    3. What is the firmware version of your AP? 
    4. When did the AP stop working? Was the AP broadcasting the SSID at the time it stopped working? Alternatively, you can enable Zyxel Support and provide us with your org/site so that we can perform further checks.