Internet connection problem with new Nebula FWA510 5G router

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Hi! Just bought the FWA510 and set it up but can`t connect to internet. The globe is red and no internet is available, but full wifi signal.
In admin I can see the SIM-card so that connection is working fine. Even tried the card to my cellphone so I know the card is working. Rebooted number of times.
By now I'd drawn the conclusion the router is faulty but same issue happened with another router, which I returned and bought this to fix it! Seems odd I'd stumbled on two brandnew faulty routers in a row. Sorry long post.. any ideas about solution??

New edit: my old 4G router works fine w same SIM card, but this new one flashes three blue staples when startup, then they disappear completely. So the signal seems off for 5G router but not 4G, what to do?

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  • i just bought the same Router, and have the exact same problem. Took the sim card from my old 5g router and placed it in the new FWA510, but no internet at all?? Full wifi… only a red globe?

  • Hi Anders K

    I also had the same problem as you. I figurezout that the reason was the missing APN setting. You have to set the APN setting to manual, and then put in your operators APN data manually. In my case I am using 3mobile and therefor I have to put in : as the APN adresss… then you try again and i works.

    If uou have another operator you can find the specific APN setting at the operators web site…

  • AndersK
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    wow kind of hard to guess, thank you I'll give it a go!!

  • HI all, How to configur that using Zyxel Nebula I have the FWA510

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