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I noticed that both in the desktop website and the mobile app the network utilization graph is just wrong.

there's no way i never exceeded 4mbps in download on a 100mbps line… what's going on here?

This screenshot is from a usg flex 100, but i noticed a similar behavior on many atps we manage…

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  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @Dylan96,

    Thanks for asking and sharing your network's bandwidth with us.

    This is the diagram of the network usage in the last 24 hours, which means it is not the current utilization. And we can find there's no full loading in this network between 3/12 ~ 3/13 from this diagram.

    Furthermore, if you need to check the utilization, please check the WAN Utilization in the site-wide dashboard.

  • Dylan96
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    Good morning @Zyxel_Melen, i know this is not the current utilization. I am sure the network was full loaded sometime in that time range. If i download something at full bandwidth it is NOT recorded in that graph…

  • monkeynia
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    Hi @Dylan96,

    I'm not sure what's the file size of the "download something" at full bandwidth.

    But I recently downloaded a game that is larger than 100 GB and also curious about my usage, so I checked and have the result below:

    Looks like the diagram you have shows your network usage was not that high as you expected.

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