My replacement warranty AX6000 router not responding to browser on an iMac correctly connected

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I use an Apple iMac 27 inch NEW 2020 computer with 72 GB of memory using OS X Ventura 13.2.1. I have an IP provider's AKADO and my internet speed is 150 Mbit per second. The modem is on bridge mode. When I type in, or, I have zero response using Safari, Firefox or Chrome… all latest versions even though I have full Internet capability. My original Zyxel had no trouble reaching your website!

I need the router IP address for access!


Can you help?

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    You can check you IP address by type the command :ifconfig
    After you check the result of the ifconfig, you'll get a modem IP address.

    enter your modem IP address and find out your router IP address in the DHCP table.

    Then you're able to get in to the router with the IP address on the DHCP table.

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