ZON utility found my switch but I can get to the IP address

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I just got a XGS1210-12 switch that I'm using to build a small, isolated lab network off of my PC. The network connection goes through a Benfei USB-C to Ethernet adapter.

The ZON utility came up and found it right away, but I can't open it in a web browser (launched from the utility or doing it manually) or ping it. It's currently using DHCP and giving me an IP of but I've tried a static IP as well.

Any ideas why the utility can talk to the switch but I can't get to it any other way?

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    Hi @eliljey,

    Do you mean you cannot access or ping your switch?

    This is more likely because your PC does not have an IP address, the IP address is using a different subnet with the switch, or there has an IP conflict. Please check your PC's IP address first.

    The ZON Utility uses Layer 2 protocol to scan the switch. Therefore, you can get the device information within the above scenario.

    Zyxel Melen

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    I had to change the IP addr of my USB network adapter and switch so they all played together and it works. Thanks for the tip!