Once I switch the routers off, I'm not able to connect them to the SIM


Hi, I've 2 Nebula 5G NR501 and I'm facing the same problem. I set up the router and I configure the SIM card and it's woks. But, once I switch off the routers and I switch them on, the devices are not able to connect to the SIM network anymore. The only possibility is a factory reset and to set the SIM again. It's happened in different locations, with different SIM providers and with both devices. So I wonder if maybe I'm missing some steps in setting the SIM.

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    Hi @fedeyoubear ,

    Have you upgraded the NR5101 to 1.15(ACCG.3)C0 - the latest firmware version? Download at here: https://www.zyxel.com/us/en-us/support/download?model=nebula-nr5101

    Could you provide the screenshot of WEB GUI > Cellular Info before you switch off the router and after you switch on the router?

    By the way, could you share with us:

    - Which color of Internet LED after you switch on the router?

    - Do the routers work well after the factory reset?

    - Which reason led to you’d like to switch off/ on the router?

    Please enable customer’s Zyxel support by going to the left sidebar > Help > Support request > Invite Zyxel support as administrator, save the changes for us to check.

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