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Hi everyone,

We have a USG FLEX 500 with 3 VLANS. 2 of them are intended for users and equipments. Other VLAN is intended for audio/video equipments.

We use USG FLEX 500 in Nebula. What we now experience is that the A/V VLAN can be accessed from the other VLANs, but multicasting is prevented.

Briefly about the A/V equipment, this is an XMP44 with NMP44 Spotify cards. NMP44 becomes visible as a speaker in Spotify APP via the network. We can access the WEB UI and also ping to it, but visibility in Spotify APP is blocked in other VLANs. In the VLAN of A/V we can see it and also stream to it.

Could multicasting be blocked? If so, do you have any idea how we can fix this?

We have tested it outside the environment and the equipment functions properly there.

Hopefully you can help us.

Thank you in advance


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    Hello @Danial

    Welcome to the Zyxel community. Thanks for contacting us. For troubleshooting purposes, could you enable "Invite Zyxel support as administrator" feature for us? We would like to check the configuration of this device.
    You can find it on the path of Help -> Support request and enable it.

    After enabling the option, please inform us of your organization and site names via private message. We will send you a private message later, so please check your email inbox. Thanks.

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