[Release Note] Access Point Series - V6.28(P2)C0 Release Note

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Access Points Firmware Release Note V6.28 Patch 1

Date: April 17, 2023

Supported Platform

WAC6553D-E V6.28(AASG.1)

New Features and Enhancements

  1. Zyxel AP supports sending the AP Ethernet MAC address in the calledstation-id RADIUS attribute with MAC authentication fallback MyRADIUS captive portal feature on Nebula.

Bug fix

  1. Client cannot see the promotion page while SSID configured captive portal feature with Infinitiwifi AAA service. (cloud only)

Known Issue


Limitation of Settings


Patch 2 (Released on 2023-5-22)

Supported Platforms

WAC6553D-E V6.28(AASG.2)

New Features and Enhancements


Bug Fixed

  1. Fix mac authentication fallback captive portal abnormal behavior. (Cloud only)