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Hi Guys,

I've been trying (unsuccessfully!) to enter the 'SIP Service Provider' server addresses to enable the analogue VOIP ports.

The VOIP provider has given me sip.gb-plcl-aws.gammaapi.net as the server credentials, but the router complains about trying to enter 'special characters' (the '-', I think).

I've successfully used these credentials in both a DrayTek and a TP-Link router, so I was wondering why the VMG 'spits its dummy'🤨

Any clues would be most welcome!!



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    Hello @S80

    Welcome to the forum.

    Can you say please what firmware version is in your VMG8924-B10A ?

    Unfortunately, there is almost no support on this device anymore, as it is End of Life and End of Support by Zyxel.

    The VMG8924-B10A-EU01V1F was declared end of life (EOL) in October 2015 according the information at  and then it would have 5 years until end of support (EOS) as a business device according to 

    This would mean the EOS would have been October 2020.

    So the VMG8924-B10A is End of Support.


    Kind regards,
         Tony (a fellow Zyxel customer.)https://support.zyxel.eu/hc/en-us/articles/4844786400786-End-of-Life-EOL-EoL-End-of-Support-EOS-EoS-

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