VMG8623-T50B IPv6 Address N/A in status page


I'm using a VMG8623-T50B with V5.50(ABPM.7.3)C0 firmware and th problem is that in status page i have "IPv6 Address N/A".

Using dual stack IPv4/IPv6 PPPoE connection and clients are getting IPv6 addresses, also when running Diagnostics, ping 6 and traceroute6 from the router menu, it seems that IPv6 is working and router can resolve, ping and traveroute IPv6 addresses.

Is this only cosmetic? Might post later some pictures as i don't have access in the router menu right now.

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    Here a screenshot

    Mac bridge is N/A, this is supposedly fixed since V5.50(ABPM.6)b2 but it seems that its not.

    "[BUG FIX]

    14. [WAN] When WAN is Bridge mode, the MAC Address should show
    N/A in System Info."

    Also IPv6 address is N/A, ipv6 dns servers not showing, only LAN v6 info showing. Ipv6 works i can ping6 from router diagnostics.

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