WiFi connection issues Zyxel EX3301-T0

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Really strange issue - full fibre router has two bands 2.4 and 5, both kept separate. Issue is happening with both bands. I believe that all wirelessly connected items are stable with 2 exceptions - a Chuwi HipadX Android tablet on Android 10 and a Teclast M40 Air on Android 12. Both tablets frequently lose wifi - noticeable just before disconnecting as items fail to load then wifi connection is lost. Between 30 and 60 seconds later, wifi reconnects and the circle continues - happens anything between 1 minute online and 5 or 6 minutes online - renders the 2 tablets pretty unuseable.

Tried so far - reboot router, reboot tablet, clear networks saved on tablets, reset network settings on tablets, tried static ip address, tried with bluetooth on and off. Tried on safe boot. ISP has lowered frequency and bandwidth, manually selected wifi channel. Nothing resolves the issue. Happens 1 metre from the router, happens in a different room so not diastance or signal strength specific - strength of signal seems strong on my mobile which works fine.

Have tried both tablets on the full fibre network in my office, at a local cafe, using a normal router via phone line broadband (on which they worked without issue for over a year) and they connect and remain connected without problem but nothing resolves the issue at home.

ISP are convinced the issue lies with the tablets but I have asked them if we could try a replacement router - to say they're reluctant is an understatement. From my perspective, literally the only wifi connection that isn't working seamlessly with the tablets is the ISP supplied Zyxel - wifi up and running for less than a week - installer was unable to fully set up in the house on installation as the company were suffering Nokia issues - I assume in the street so was manually switched on from their end 30 hours later, late Tuesday afternoon. Issue has been ongoing since then and all attempts to fix have been to no avail. If it's the tablets then hey ho but my next point to them is 'how do you/we know which items work and don't work and should you be saying won't work with items a, and c etc'. They are unable to respond with anything other than have never come across this before. Both tablets about 14 months old, bought from Amazon.

Any suggestions or input would be gratefully received before I go back to them tomorrow. Thanks - sorry for the long post, hope it makes sense. Hard wired connections are flawless, just the wifi with these two tablets as far as I can tell.

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  • Grandalf1975

    Hi, did you get anywhere with this?

    I have the same router and I have a very similar problem. It's dropping connections on 2 Samsung mobiles and 2 relatively new Samsung tablets that are less than 2 months old along with a laptop that I've got just logging when it disconnects and reconnects (it's doing nothing else, pluggedin, not sleeping, screen off after 1 minute). We ended up buying an ethernet adapter for the Chromecast that was dropping off the WiFi regularly because it was unusable.

    All devices are fine when using different connection points around the house and all wired connections are, like yours, flawless. The laptop has logged over 60 drops in less than 48 hours.

    The devices that are struggling are all in the same room as the router and are less that 4m from it (the Chromecast was under 1m and always reported "excellent" signal strength). The laptop logging drops is around 2m away.

  • bankieboy


    They replaced the router which helped slightly but I now connect via a mesh style system and connection via it is fine.

    My guess is some kind of incompatibility with the router.

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