How do i log in into recently bought router?

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Also i dont really know where to put this as im kind of new to this forum but i thought this might be security related so ill give it a try.

I recently got my hands on an Zyxel EX3301-TO router and i set it up as normal in the instructions. Later that same day i went to try to access the Admin panel on the router but it refused to let me inside.

I did check multiple times that i was using the correct admin panel login but it still refused me entry. I have not found any other similar cases yet so im asking here.

Please help.

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    Does your Zyxel router connect with ISP LAN directly?

    Maybe you can try to reset to factory default:

    1.Unplug your WAN port —>2. press the reset button over 10 seconds —→3.reset to factory default.

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    The router itself works very good its simply the admin panel i can't access. I'll try factory defaulting it today.

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