I've just bought and connected an NWA50AX using a network cable to my EX3301-T0 to extend wifi to other parts of my house. The configuration options in the web UI for the NWA50AX is limited to "Ip Settings" and "VLAN" and I can find anywhere to configure SSID for the wifi. For this I need to have an account at Nebula and go in through the app or nebula control center. Both seem very overkill for me. When reading the manual it looks like I should be able to do the wifi settings in the web UI. Should that be possible and how can I active that possibility?

Best regards Ola

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    Hi @Ola1234

    It appears that your NWA50AX may currently be configured and managed through the Nebula Cloud platform, which could be limiting your access to certain settings via the Web GUI. If you prefer to manage your AP in standalone mode instead, you can remove the AP from Nebula by navigating to License & Inventory > Devices > Actions > Remove from organization.  

    After the removal process is complete, your AP will reboot and switch to standalone mode.