zyxel nr5101 router blocking access to website / apps

Hi guys,

My Zyxel nr5101 Router is blocking access to websites such as Twitter and Linkedin. I'm also unable to open Whatsapp, Slack or Discord apps on both my computer and phone. This is the case for everyone using our WiFi.

Initially I used a VPN to fix this but now I can't even connect to my VPN anymore.

I'm with EE for mobile data.

There is definitely an internet connection because other website such as YouTube or the Financial Times do work.

Any idea what the problem could be here and how to fix it? I already installed the latest firmware and rebooted the device several times.



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    Hello Giles @GC94

    Welcome to the forum.

    Looking at the user guide for NR5101 available to download at https://support.zyxel.eu/hc/en-us/articles/4403365084818-5G-Devices-Advanced-Downloads-Firmwares-and-other-resources- the only thing that comes to mind is whether you have setup a Parental Control Profile or not.

    If you set-up a Parental Control Profile, then you could allow access to specific web-sites deliberately.

    Do you get different behaviour if you connect to the NR5101 with a cable?

    If you cannot get VPN to work at all, then it might be firewall blocking it. In which case you could add a new ACL rule under Security>Firewall>General and then select Access Control.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,


  • GC94
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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for getting back here.

    Should have mentioned it, but Parental control is turned off.

    I don't have a cable as my laptop doesn't support that, so can't tell.

    Thanks for the VPN tip, I figured VPN works now when I first connect it over my mobile phone data and then turn on wifi from the router, so that's all good.

    Issue is still here, I asked an official supplier from Zyxel to come and have look at it, so hopefully it get sorted soon.



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