XGS2210-28HP Stacking

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Good afternoon
I have 2 XGS2210-28HP switches and I want to stack. The manual does not indicate whether it is possible to stack the specified switches in a ring (2 pairs of cables between each switch, i.e. SW1 ports 27, 28 are connected to ports 27, 28 of SW2).
It needs to be clarified:

  1. is it possible and correct to connect 2 switches with a pair of cables as in the photo;
  2. Will there be an increase in the exchange rate?

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    Hi @Smartqwerty,

    This is unnormal, could you change the connecting DAC cable from port 27 to 28 and port 28 to 27? This is used to check if the problem is on the DAC cable or the switch port.

    Zyxel Melen

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