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what does this mean and is this explaining connection problems like "wrong password" (whereas the PW is definitely correct) ?

Station+++: disconnected by STA timeout on Channel: 36, SSID: +++, 5GHz, Signal: -81dBm, Download/Upload: 751191/207752 Bytes, reason 107, Interface: wlan-2-12023-05-08 13:11:07++++ LANStation: ++++ blocked by key handshake fail on Channel: 36, SSID: +++, 5GHz, Signal: -47dBm, Download/Upload: 452/0 Bytes, reason 2, Interface: wlan-2-1

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    Hi @TheMichaelOne 


    The “wrong password” event may be caused by the “blocked by key handshake fail” log. 
    Regarding to 'blocked by key handshake fail' log, it means the authentication process is uncompleted. As the normal, it will happen in cases: 

    1. Poor signal quality 
      Solution: Fine-tune the deployment of AP's location. The client connects signal recommended –70dBm or above 
    2. Incorrect password 
      Solution: Verify that the password is correct 
    3. Network channel interference 
      Solution: Let AP radios have a better channel 
      • Enable DCS schedule     
      • Disable "DCS client aware" to let the AP jump to the better channel when there are connectedclients.    
      • Disable "Avoid 5G DFS channel" to let the AP have more options. 


    If the above solutions do not resolve your problem, please collect the diagnostic file for further assistance. You may download the diag. file from the AP local GUI > Maintenance > Diagnostics > Diagnostics. After downloading the diag. file, please send it to us along with the MAC address of the client that experienced the problem via private message. Remember to zip the file before sending it. 

    Alternatively, if your AP is on Nebula Cloud mode, please enable Zyxel Support at NCC >> Help >> Support request and provide us with your org/site name. 




  • Thank you so far, I tried the settings and activated administrative access for you as advised.

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