Connection refused, reason8. resolved after reboot?

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AP refuise new connections from clients. There is traffic but only form connected clients.
After a reboot of the AP evertyting works normal again, accapting new connections.

info of setup:
Model: NWA110AX
Configuration status: Up to date
Firmware availability:Up to date
Current version: V6.55(ABTG.1) (Latest)

Log of traffic before and after reboot

Log of my laptop:

advanced networksettings

What can be the issue on this?
I have this senario on several AP's, the one's the see the most clients in our network.

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    Hi @Jonas_B ,

    Recommend you fine-tune the wireless environment to improve connection. The path: Configure > Access point > Radio settings

    1. Adjust the channel width as 20MHz for each radio to reduce the co-channel interference.
    2. Ensure the AP can have the best channel by:   
    • Enable DCS schedule    
    • Disable "DCS client aware" to let the AP jump to the better channel when there are connected clients.   
    • Disable "Avoid 5G DFS channel" to let the AP have more options.

    In case, the issue stills recurs after changing the configuration, please enable customer’s Zyxel support by going to Help (On the top right) > Support request > Invite Zyxel support as administrator, save the changes for us to check.

    And provide the Org and Site name here or via private message by click to my account > Message. Thank you.

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