VMG3925 B10C Cellular Backup problem

Prior to lockdown I was supplied with a VMG3925 B10C by my ISP. It became the centre of my little network getting internet access through ADSL. Since lockdown ended, I travel much more, but only need to use my home network for a couple of months at a time; an ADSL connection does not look viable. I am hoping to use a 4G dongle as my connection to the internet and connect it to my little network.

To test out my idea, I bought a 4G dongle, a USB (female)/ethernet connector, and a SIM card. The dongle appears to be working fine when I have plugged it into a USB hub of a Windows 10 laptop, and also a desktop running Linux Mint. It also provides Wifi hub which works.

When I have plugged into the USB hub of the VMG3925 B10C I get mixed results, its USB light is lit, the Wifi hub works, but according to the web interface, there is nothing attached to the USB interface. I have configured the Cellular Backup page correctly, I believe. I have read the manual and tried all the troubleshooting suggestions.

Using the USB/Ethernet adapter I bought, I have tried to connect my dongle to the ethernet ports on all Windows, Linux and the router, this does not work at all.

Any help will be much appreciated.


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    Maybe VMG3925 B10C not support this USB hub and 4G dongle. But recommend that you can contact your ISP for ADSL connection problem.

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