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What is the difference between Zywall and the new Flex version?
Are they both compatible with all features found through Nebula?

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    Legacy USG (and Zywall) has now gone End of Life (EoL) and USG FLEX / ATP is replacing this Legacy USG series.

    The USG FLEX has both the capability of being in the cloud (Nebula) and in stand-alone mode. The FLEX has stronger hardware (you get more speed for less money) and the same capabilities (and more) as the Legacy USG models in stand-alone mode. While in cloud, it looks a bit different. USG FLEX in Nebula has a wide range of features, but not as extensively as the stand-alone mode. USG FLEX in Nebula is most commonly used for small-medium sized businesses and below and has most features that are required for such installations.

    Therefore, it's good to know what you require for your installation before deciding upon choosing to install your firewall in Nebula or in stand-alone mode.

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