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Just had garden office built. Purchased the Zyxel access point. I hardwired it to my router in house to set it up. I’ve created a new Wi-Fi for the office and when I’m in the house, it works fine. I’ve moved it to the office, plugged it in and plugged in Ethernet to the RJ45 socket…I already have a CAT6 running from office to house router. But now it doesn’t work. Am I missing a step? I’m not a tech person at all. Read the manuals and watched videos over and over and can’t find a solution. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

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    Votre routeur CAT6 n'aurait pas la même IP ? ce qui pourrait expliquer.

    Ce n'est qu'une idée…

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    HI @HPrice ,

    I already have a CAT6 running from office to house router. But now it doesn’t work. 

    Due to the AP works fine when you set it up in house, we assume that there is no missing step. Could you kindly help to change the CAT6 cable from the router to your AP in the office and observe the AP status?

    In case, the AP "doesn't work" in the office after changing the CAT6 cable, could you share with us the symptom in details as:

    • The LED colors?
    • Whether there is AP's IP?
    • Whether there is broadcasted SSID? etc.

    Recommend you using ZON to scan the AP. This link shows you how to configure Zyxel device basic setting.

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