NWA50AX nebula without licence ?

I am an individual person, can i use nebule with 2 NWA50AX without payintg licences each year ?

I want to mame roaming with my 2 NWA50AX

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    Hi @My_ZyxLan

    For the Base Pack Nebula, you may configure your SSID settings, enable the smart mesh function, configure the radio settings and monitor your access points online, these functions are free of charge.

    However, if you require additional features and support provided by the Plus and Pro Pack subscriptions, there are associated costs. To explore the benefits of these packs, please refer to the following link:
    Nebula Control Center - Subscribe Nebula | Zyxel Networks

    Related to roaming, it is the behavior of clients handle with the difference AP. To achieve the roaming function with your two NWA50AX access points, you can set:

    • The same SSID and security method
    • 15% to 20% overlapping coverage for 2 APs

    You can also enable 802.11 k/v/r to assist roaming and support fast roaming (Configure > Access point > SSID advanced setting).