Printable infosheet for rack

I think it would be really smart and easy to make a button where you print out a piece of paper you can put on inside of the rack panel, with a picture of the switch and port roles populated. That makes it easier to see what each port are for, without having to access nebula or switch to look it up.

All info is there already, all you need is a function to generate a printable page/pdf.
Below is just an example, but i think the following things could be relevant:
ID/Port numer
Vlan type(with name?) , like Vlan10:Office , or Trunk(20,30)or Trunk(All)
Location:What port is connected (already known from the port configuration , if used)
LLDP info (also known ,atleast at time of print)
Last up: When was something connected to this port last time(when you run out of ports and decide what to unplug because you arent exactly sure because of poor documentation)

So when you make a change to port roles , you print out a new sheet and hang up, and ofcourse stamped with "time of print" .

That would add a proffesional touch, lets be honest, not all rack documentation is updated or even prest, this could be a great tool to help on that !

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