Tips to Troubleshoot Uplink Speed/Link Rate Alert status with Nebula Access Points

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The link between AP and uplink device can be negotiated at different speeds, such as 10/100/1000Mbps, depending on the cable and port conditions. When AP is showing orange alert with a lower uplink speed, it can indicate an issue with the cable or port connecting the AP to the network.


1. Ensure that the cable is using cat6e and connect properly.

2. Swap AP’s connected port with a known good one to see if the uplink speed issue follows the AP or not. If the uplink speed issue does not follow the AP, the faulty is from the connected port.

3. Use a network speed test tool to verify the actual uplink speed between the AP and switch, which can help to further troubleshoot the issue.


If the uplink status still shows a lower speed after trying the above steps, it may indicate a hardware issue with the AP. In such a case, contact the purchase window to proceed with an RMA service. Additionally, ensure that the cable and port connecting the AP to the network are not damaged, and replace them if necessary.