Is there a option to save config for a firewall or switch in Nebula

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I would like to know if there is a option or if this is on a roadmap to build in, for de admin to save a config (template) of a firewall or switch.

There are two reasons why I would like to use this:

1: When making changes, it is common practice to have a "backup" of the previous working conditions. So there is a way to roll back to the setup that was working.

2: When configuring a new firewall, it would help to have a "base" set to configure firewalls (policies specially). So these don't have to be manually added.

Reason 1 is very important to have a way to get back to the previous config that worked.

If this is nog possible or not on the roadmap, I would like to request if this can be implemented soon.

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    Hi @JoostGroot,

    Thanks for valuable feedback.

    It does not support rollback configuration in firewall.

    I will transfer this to FRQ for future evaluation.

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    Hi @JoostGroot,

    For your first question:

    The switch has a feature which is called auto configuration recovery.

    This feature will roll back the switch configuration back to the previous configuration when the new configuration causes the switch to disconnect with Nebula.

    The firewall part is clarifying and we will update you soon.

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    The Auto recovery is a start. But this only kicks in when a disconnects happens due to a config change, but what if we want to roll back to a config that was "online" but we changed something to the VLAN or other settings that is not working. The switch is online and it won't roll back, so we need to manually trace back all the steps.

    A multiple config save point with a download en restore option as in the managed versions of the firewall and switches would be great.

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