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Just after some advice - I've got a USG110 with content filter, Antivirus but after getting a IDP subscription. That said I need access to my cloud account on Zyxel to proceed with this and seem to be locked out.

I've been sending messages to Zyxel customer support for the last few days but not getting any response.

My issue is that after typing in my password on the portal, I should receive a code via email for the 2FA. I've tried countless times and no email ever comes through, not even to my backup email address. It's a really odd issue as I've also pressed 'forgot password', and I get an email straight away but can't get pass the 2FA due to lack of email with code. It was working perfectly last summer. Very strange issue. I've had to create anther account to simply ask this question on here.

Sorry if this breaches first post guidelines, but I'm really stuck. Any advice / email addresses of customer service would be really appreciated. Desperate to get back into my account.


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  • Zyxel_Ivan
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    Dear @NickGB,




    Thanks for raising this issue to us.

    To help you to resolve the 2FA problem, can you give me the MAC and SN of the device? Also the account and the time you've truy to log in.


    And if you may, I'd like to ask you for the ticket number that you've raised for  Zyxel Customer Support.


    Please PM me the above information, I'll help to clarify the issue.





  • NickGB
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    Thanks Ivan. Sending you PM.


  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @NickGB,

    We have checked our mail server records, and confirm that we previously sent an email to you. The issue of missing emails may reside on your mail server.

    By the way, the reset 2FA process is done.

    Please help to check.

    Zyxel Melen

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